My name is Niklas and I live in Switzerland.

I love future technology. I am a Enterprise mobility + security enthusiast, having field experience and sharing my thoughts on this blog.
Currently I am creating the Modern Workplace with Microsoft cloud products and guide the cloud journey to empower people and drive success. It is my personal desire and require to utilise the latest technology/products/services that leads us to the objective. Global, efficient, dynamic, secure, reliable and future-proof solutions are what I think, the most modern attempt I am hunting for. The cloud gives us a wonderful playground to fulfill every business need at a masterclass. There is a product or a service for every usecase - and you can connect all those into an automated orchestration frame. And I am here to translate this world to you.

Skills/Interests: Microsoft 365, AzureAD, Intune/Autopilot Endpoint Management, Windows, Defender for Endpoint (EDR/XDR), Cloud app security, Office 365, Linux, Docker

All contents are based on my own opinion and expertise, with no warranty.

Please feel free to leave me feedback at any time :)

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