I appreciate your visit to this website and would like to thank you for your time.

The idea behind Oceanleaf

An ocean is a broad space, hosting its own eco-system underwater. It’s a majestic world, that autonomies on its own terms and approaches. Although water is the source of all life. And a leaf is the most simple and unique hierarchical object in our lifes that draws from it.

It’s a similar story with today's technology. We are building new worlds where the ocean constitutes of resources, available products and services. Each of your projects and ideas forms a leaf and comes alive from the resources of the ocean.

What I would like to achieve

During my work I often wished, that there was this one website, which explains both the concept and a technical layer of a technology. One that is well structured, simple, follows an objective and really helps me to achieve more or bring new heat on a topic. This is what I try to achieve with this website. This is Oceanleaf.

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