Dive into the essentials of every solution which is data & logs. Azure Log Analytics is the service you are looking for!

Log analytics: the basics
Azure log analytics workspace is a product for data collection storage. Connect other cloud services with diagnostic settings or install an agent to upload data. What is it for? Well, logs are the foundation of nearby everything. Knowledge is power. We have the ability to store the information and …


Orchestrating and automating any environment is part of mastering it. Azure has a special focus on automation processes and possibilities and offers appropirate solutions.

Azure Automation with Hybrid Workers
Azure as a your center for automation and orchestration tasks. You will not come around Automation Accounts, and neither all of your infrastructure may be located within Azure. This is where Hybrid Workers help out. The idea is to connect to other clouds or on-premises domain VMs and run some
Azure Update Management
So, operation with on-premises Windows Servers is really not the world I prefer. Although most of us will still run such local workloads. Keeping them up to date can be challenging and involves manual effort. Luckily there is an Azure service to handle and automate this workflow. Solution Azure Upd…
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