Welcome to this coast! On this page you will get useful information about everything regarding Microsoft Intune Endpoint Management. You can follow this like a path.

Manage your Windows and other OS Endpoints with Intune and use the public cloud Azure with all aspects like enrollment, configuration, updating, apps and security. Make your enterprise mobile now! Device management from the cloud.

Introduction, experience and thoughts

A touch on Intune
This blog is mostly about Intune Endpoint Management. Modern Workplace and Mobile Device Management (MDM), with a special focus on security. This post will treat a high-level introduction to Microsoft Intune. The audience are people that are new to specifically Intune. You don’t need to have a high…
What you need to know about Intune
Ever wondered what Autopilot or Intune is? Read here more about this topic!
Intune: experience from the field
Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. Microsoft Intune is capable of many features and let you realise a modern endpoint einvironment. But who does act on the field?

Start of the journey

Get your Tenant ready for Intune device enrollment
Microsoft Intune Azure AD quick start guide.
Endpoint Management - transition to the Cloud
Some hints&tricks for Autopilot Intune from an architectural point of view. How to configure endpoints with device configuration profiles.
Upload hardware hash to Intune, made easy
This script was made as an addition to “Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo” for registering the individual hardware hash id from a device into a Microsoft 365 Intune tenant for device enrollment to be super simple & reusable.

Architecture and solution concepts

Autopilot White Glove Hybrid AzureAD Join
Autopilot White Glove Hybrid AzureAD Join full technical explanation.
Autopilot Troubleshooting
How to troubleshoot various Microsoft Autopilot White Glove errors with multiple tools & tricks.
Bitlocker: a mess
Configure Microsoft Bitlocker in Autopilot Intune Endpoint Manager with a device configuration profile.


TeamViewer + Chocolatey + Intune, a modern attempt for enterprise remote assistance
So what we want now, is the configured TeamViewer Host installed with Chocolatey on the endpoint and connected to our TeamViewer account with the *config id* and *ApiToken*. With this your installation will be customized and the client will be assigned correctly.
Chocolatey - apt for Windows?
Install applications with Chocolatey and how to keep them up to date!

Security and compliance inputs

Microsoft security concepts V2
Learn about Microsoft’s cloud security high-level concepts to secure your organization with Microsoft 365 and Azure built-in products and features. The way to secure your digital assets such as identities, infrastructures, platforms, apps and data. These are the official Microsoft security sources.…
Microsoft 365 license compliance overview guide
One more topic to cover is managing compliance across your Microsoft cloud Enterprise environment. Read more about tenant-level license compliance and technical realization hints. License compliance When I talk to other tech people about Microsoft technologies, licensing is often a part where it’s …
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