This post is intended to provide a brief overview of the most popular Microsoft learning and lab platforms. These typically provide access to documentation, concepts, hands-on experience, or a fully functional Microsoft 365 or Azure environment.

Platform overview

Name Scope Link Prerequisites
Microsoft Learn Learning resources/documentation on a variety of Microsoft products free
Microsoft Developer Program Microsoft 365 E5 subscription (Microsoft 365 apps, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Azure AD and more) free
Microsoft Transform - Customer Digital Experiences (CDX) Product demo experiences, walkthroughs, custom Tenants with 90-365 days access Microsoft FTE, vendors with MSFT domains, Partners, MVP
Visual Studio Subscriptions Independent product benefits (Microsoft and partner programs), downloads of any Microsoft products (Office package, Windows, Windows Server), Product keys, Subscriptions > 150$/month Azure credit, and extensions from the Marketplace Microsoft partner status

Microsoft Learn


Microsoft Developer Program


Microsoft Transform CDX



Don't forget about all the great community places, where Microsoft enthusiats share their thoughts and discuss new topics.

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