Microsoft Entra: Secure access for a connected world

Microsoft just set a new product available: Microsoft Entra: a modern identity and access solution. Accessible on the URL: - it is designed as identity supersolution platform with a signle-pane of glass experience that combines:

  • Azure Active Directory - Central cloud based identity provider (IdP) and access management
  • Permissions Management (previously CloudKnox Permissions Management) - Discover, remediate, and monitor permission risks for any identity and
    any resource across your cloud infrastructure
  • Verified ID - Enable more secure interactions while respecting the privacy of individuals

Microsoft Entra overview page

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory's most important components are built-in into the Entra portal. Although there are some segments restructured.



The overview is quite familiar and similar to the AAD portal.


  • All users - show all users and their attributes
  • Deleted users - show deleted users and restore them
  • User settings - User settings (external collaboration settings and user feature settings)


  • All groups - show all groups and their attributes
  • Deleted groups - show deleted groups and restore them
  • Group settings - User settings (general settings such as Self Service Group Management, group access, Security Groups, Microsoft 365 Groups, expiration and naming policy)


Devices provides an overview, a list of all Azure AD joined/registered devices and BitLocker keys.



  • Enterprise Applications - local service principal or instance of an application object (App Registration) created by another organization
  • App registrations your own (global) definition of an application

Learn more about it

Roles & admins

  • Azure privileged role list (built-in) - shows all default administrative roles of AAD
  • Admin units - a container of resources that are fully managed through a dedicated admin unit


  • Licenses a complete page about all product licenses and their features
  • Linked subscriptions trust relationship with another Azure Active Directory


Protect & secure

Especially this segment is unique by making a clear listing about AAD security features.

  • Conditional Access - Learn more
  • Identity Protection - Evaluate user and sign-in risk based on different criteria
  • Security Center
  • Identity Secure Score - a representation of your organization's security posture and your opportunity to improve it
  • Multifactor authentication - redirection to the MFA portal to set up MFA methods and configurations
  • Authentication methods - set up different authentication methods (FIDO2, Microsoft Authenticator, Text message, Temporary Access Pass, Certificate-based authentication) or Password Protection
  • Password reset - configure Self-service password reset (SSPR)
  • Custom attributes - configure custom key-value security attributes for Azure AD objects (users or applications)
  • Risky activities - redirection to Identity protection risky users hub

Identity Governance

  • Entitlement management - manage digital identities securely and efficiently with Azure Active Directory Identity Governance
  • Access reviews - review user access to resources (groups, applications, roles) regularly to fulfill the identity lifecycle
  • Privileged Identity Management (PIM) - Learn more

External Identities

Mange external identities with AAD B2B or B2C. Add common identity providers (e.g. Google, Facebook) or through SAML/WS-Fed IdP. Create User flows and adjust Cross-tenant access settings and External collaboration settings.

User experiences

  • Company branding - Company branding includes uploading company logos and adjusting the colors of all Office online components

Hybrid management

  • Azure AD connect - integrate your hybrid identities with Azure AD connect synchronization and manage provisioning, sign-in, on-premises applications and health and analytics

Monitoring & health

This is the new monitoring experience of Azure AD. Learn more

  • Sign-in logs - Sign-in logs show any authentication against Azure AD with the corresponding information
  • Audit logs - display events on Azure resources. So it's all about operational logs from your tenant
  • Provisioning logs - provisioning logs are generated from the provisioning service when creating or modifying resources
  • Log Analytics Learn more
  • Diagnostic settings - connect service logs to a log/storage solution
  • Workbooks - Workbooks cover the visualization aspect of logs in AAD
  • Usage & insights - from: Azure AD application activity, AD FS application activity, Authentication methods activity, Service principal sign-in activity
  • Bulk operations

Permissions Management

Discover, remediate, and monitor permission risks for any identity or resource across your landscape

Source: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

Verified ID

Issue, customize, verify, revoke and build your identities.

  • Decentralized identity service
  • Claim or attest verify credentials, status, certifications, IDs, memberships or any unique identity attributes
  • Secure people's interactions while respecting the privacy of individuals
  • Cryptographic keys stored in Azure Key Vault

Source: Microsoft



I think Microsoft Entra is a great new portal that cleans up some of the identity and access resources throughout the Microsoft environment - especially for the distributed security centers. There are useful links to all sorts of services, even if they sometimes lead to "old" portals, where I would sometimes call it a confusion between all the different portals.
But I suspect Microsoft is trying to focus more and more on Entra as a holistic identity platform and if we get new products it is even better.


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