Get a full automation

As a cloud product, Intune harmonizes with full automated solutions, getting the source from the Internet. Having the least effort and best profits is what we would like to achieve. We use following components:

  • Chocolatey - a cloud based package manager, read more
  • TeamViewer - remote assistance product
  • Intune - Microsoft's cloud MDM


So before we can use Intune, it requires to have Teamviewer licenses, a connector set up between your tenant and Teamviewer and a design & deploy package. Here are some references on how to get this done:

Installation of TeamViewer Host

So what we want now, is the configured TeamViewer Host installed on the endpoint and connected to our TeamViewer account with the config id and ApiToken. With this your installation will be customized and the client will be assigned correctly.

I have uploaded script on my GitHub repo that handles this:

  • Uninstall previous TeamViewer MSI versions
  • Installs TeamViewer Host through Chocolatey (you can define if you want to install Chocolatey in the script)
  • Configures TeamViewer with the unique config id and ApiToken
  • (additionally can install a Chocolatey package that will update TeamViewer every day. Obviously only if there are new versions available.)

Variables to adjust

Please make sure that you personalize following inputs for the script:

You can find these values here:

  1. Login to TeamViewer admin deploy with your corporate account

  2. Move to design and deploy, then click "add personalized module", and choose "Host"

  3. Customize your host

  4. After you click finish, you will get your config id and ApiToken

Create an .intunewin file

To create an .intunewin file, which is basically a zipped file with all install sources, you can use win32 content prep tool. Just execute it, specify the source- and output folder and specify the setup file, that is in this case install_and_configure.ps1.

Upload to Intune

  1. Login to Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center

  2. Add a new win32 app

  3. Enter app information

  4. Specify the install and uninstall commands:

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass .\install_and_configure.ps1
powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass .\uninstall.ps1


  1. Configure the detection method (it should be the custom registry key, otherwise your existing TeamViewer installation will never trigger Intune Management Extension)

Finally assign it to a group and you are ready to go! One step to full automation and the cloud world!

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