Learn about Microsoft security concepts. It covers Identity & access management, threat protection, information protection and security managment.

Microsoft 365 security concepts
Security is a term that is currently spread alot. Microsoft makes an investment of 1 billion us dollars annually and works with over 3500 security experts. The threat landscape has become more sophisticated and maliciously. Endpoints are mobile, may connect to the company network or have access to c…
Some more security ramble
Recently I was in contact to an official Microsoft employee, talking about cybersecurity in general and of course the modern workplace. I found that topic so interesting, that I decided to dedicate a blog post to my personal opinion and some details about it. In the past I have already

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 architecture, products/services/features and building resilient and up-to-date security defense.

Launch with Microsoft 365: a guide
Launch your business with Microsoft 365. Increase productivity, run and manage workloads, gurantee security & compliance.
M365 security landscape
In mid 2021, Microsoft offers a lot of security oriented products and services in their cloud portfolio. But what are they capable of? Where do they even take place or protect you? I want to explain this landscape to you, mention some real world intentions and talk about their relationship

Identity & access management

Is all about securing identity & access workflows to any resource.

Important aspects to Conditional access policies
Identity protection describes concepts of securing identities for authN- (authentication) needs. Common identity provider offer federation or SSO (single sing-on) as known strategies. But all this is so much more, think of ways to secure this work flows with different signals that could be processed…
Conditional access examples
So Conditional access is one of the most fundamental and key products in any Microsoft cloud environment regarding security. Let’s be honest, if you don’t use it, you should implement it as soon as possible, together with MFA. It’s one of the easiest way to achieve a high effectiveness in
Understanding identity federation and application management in Azure AD
Information technology applications are moving to the public cloud. We call this SaaS software as a service, that rely on a multi-tenancy architecture and provide the same instance of a software to multiple customers or users.
The way from ADFS to AzureAD authentication
Base concepts Federation services have found their journey to the cloud. Known on-premises Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) was the origin way to provide local identities for authentication and authorization purposes. But this is not the recommended way anymore, instead using AzureAD. Th…

Threat protection

Describes all active activities against threats or attacks.

Microsoft Defender: a review
A review of Microsoft Defender + Defender of Endpoint (MDATP). Technical overview of capabilities, as well as my personal opinion.
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