Site Description
🗺️ M365Maps Microsoft license overview
ℹ️ Icons Set of most common icons
🛣️ Microsoft 365 roadmap Roadmap for upcoming features

Endpoint management


Site Description
🆕 What's New Intune New features in Intune
⚒️ In development for Intune Planned and upcoming features for Intune
🙋‍ Feature requests Community voted feature requests for Intune
🪟 EOL Windows End of life date for Windows OS
🆘 IntuneDebugToolKit Community developed solution for diverse Intune troubleshooting
💬 Tech Community Tech Community
🛣️ Roadmap Microsoft 365 Roadmap for Intune


Windows 365

Site Description
🆕 What's New Windows 365 New features in Windows 365
⚒️ In development for Windows 365 Planned and upcoming features for Windows 365
🛣️ Roadmap Microsoft 365 Roadmap for Windows 365



Microsoft Graph

Site Description
🔍 Graph Explorer Microsoft tool for online Graph API requests
🏁 Get Started with Graph PowerShell SDK Essentials for PowerShell SDK
👮 Permission reference All scopes/permissions
🧑‍💻 OData system query options Query options to modify GET operations

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