I genuinely fell in love with DigitalOcean. It is Cloud SaaS (Software as a service) for everyone, no matter what your usecase is. Compute options, storage, databases, developer tools and more. See full list.

But what is DigitalOcean?

Digital Ocean is an SaaS for many services hosted and often managed completly by them. Simplicity at scale is one of their core concepts, that means cloud platform that makes deploying, managing and scaling applications of any size easy. Digital Ocean offers you private compute- and dataresources that are in physical datacenters all over the world for all your needs in the public cloud. But also so much more...
Every nerd will fall in love with the simplicity and the workflow that is given. But lets take a look to the site. First you should make an account.

This is the main overview in a new project which I've created. You can get started with numerous options. See the image:

Now let's create a first Droplet, that is a VPS (virtual private server) that may be the most simple use of it.
As a distribution I went for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Pricing depends on what you need, it goes from 1 CPU/1GB memory for 5$ a month (0.007$/hour) up to 32 CPUs/192GB memory for 960$/month. The datacenter region I have chosen is Toronto. Additional options can be also taken: (especially the amount of droplets you need with this configuration is a great possibility)
Now click on "Create Droplet" and thats basically it! The droplet will be deployed in under a minute which is fantastic. Now with the droplet created metrics charts and more configuration options are available:
Take for example options to add volumes change the performance with how many CPUs or ram your Droplet has, create a firewall direct in the web interface and configure it, enable backups or restore from a snapshot or simply destroy it. For now the best thing to do is to access the machine via. Putty. It has got a public ip address to connect through SSH and its ready to work on.

Images from the marketplace

What's really cool is to rely on a marketplace image. These images are ready to be deployed with a service built-in nearby without any manual configuration you need to do. See some of them:
With them you can deploy services in the cloud & get directly a public ip. Login once, do all the basic configuration (you will be lead through most of the time) and you're good to go.

Managing Networking

Something what I have done is to manage all my domains with DigitalOcean. When acquiring a domain just forward the nameserver dns records to DigitalOceans nameservers. Then add the domain in your account and your finally prepared to edit dns records or direct your domain to a droplet or custom ip.

Additionally manage floating ips, load balancers, vpc (virtual private cloud), firewalls, ptr recors in this tab.

Alert policies

Monitoring your resources can be a really important part. Of course DigitalOcean also has a service integrated. Create custom metrics with alert policies of a specific Droplet or filter by tags.

I would recommend to give it a chance and try it out! You will not regret it :)

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