It is official! Microsoft did announce Windows 11 today on 24. June 2021. This will be the future generation of Windows operating system. I am very excited and want to share some words about it.

Source: Microsoft

Quick facts

  • Release: late 2021, early 2022, further details are coming
  • Upgrade functionality: you need to have to most latest Windows 10 version, the upgrade will be free, but there are minimum hardware requirements
  • What is new? the new Windows generation offers a contemporary and innovative UI. Of course we have many features that will come with Windows 11.
  • How long is Windows 10 still supported? 14. October 2025 is the official support end. Until now we don't know if there will be new feature updates for Windows 10.

Features & innovations

What can we expect with the upcoming Windows generation?

User interface

Simple, smarter, all in all cleaned up and a just more modern design. An all new taskbar. The tabs/"Windows" work with more transparency and we can welcome a lot of new icons. Even the system apps got overhauled, for example the new Settings app and the File explorer. And we have rounded corners.

Rise productivity

Windows 11 did innovate many new functions, that should empower you. The app layout and desktops were highlighted, although they did exist in previous versions. And if you use an multiple screens, Windows will remember better which scheme you prefer. The quintessence: refresh and better everything.

Connect to people: Teams

Communication is now more built-in to the whole operating system. Microsoft Teams is found in the taskbar natively, to chat, call or get in contact with other people, cross-platform.

Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass allows you through a single subscription to access numerous games. Furthermore some graphic improvements were announced.

Microsoft Store: Android apps

The Microsoft Store was updated to foucs on performance and more collaboration with developers. And we also have a large selection of Android apps through Amazon Appstore to reach Windows devices.
Read more about it


"With advanced security from the chip to the cloud." Next-generation platform, in terms of security, from hardware-based functions up to the cloud. The concepts that are followed are the same: Zero Trust, isolation, encryption, malware prevention, going passwordless, using cloud power and raising security baselines to build up resiliency. More infos coming in the next days/weeks.

Upgrade process

How do we get Windows 11? To use it before the official release, you can register for the Windows Insider Program.


Check if you meet the update requirements with the Windows PC Health Check app. (TPM 2.0 might be the biggest challenge)


New ambitions

At the end of the presentation, Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO mentioned, what the opportunities of Windows are:

  • Windows recognizes, providing a personal experience - for people, content and apps
  • Windows is the stage for the world's creation, it inspires to achieve more
  • It's a platform for platform creators, enable people to unleash innovation

Source: Microsoft

What I think about it

I think the next generation, we were introduced was the right contemporary strategy for Microsoft and Windows as a product. We have seen many improvements, some necessary or logical and some that really benefit the OS. In fact I already registered for the Insider Program to try out Windows 11 as early as possible. I like the new UI, the design and concept language that is now at the turn. Windows is a broad platform. I think to bring innovation at it is a challenge and it was satisfied at the time. But I be curious to use it daily!

I also hope a rollout to many enterprises and organizations is possible in the near future. Microsoft already announced that the compatibility to Endpoint Manager and Autopilot is given, to deploy and manage Windows 11. On the foundation of Windows 10 (Enterprise version 1909 or higher, Pro 20H1), it includes updating that will behave like a feature update. App assurance should also be promised as Microsoft reports. What is also new, is the annual update plan. Enterprise and Education editions will have 36 months of support. Sounds good so far!

Watch the full event

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