This post is recommended for any reader who is new to Intune or would like to get a high-level overview of the Intune product family. It will contain the product, feature and service names and a description of their purpose, as well as references to my dedicated blog posts on the topics.

On my blog, you can find various topics related to Intune here:

Endpoint Management with Microsoft Intune
Ever wanted a full tutorial how to deal with Microsoft Autopilot Intune Technology? Well here it is!

High-level architecture

Microsoft recently published this high-level architecture image.

Source: Microsoft


Intune - view all blog posts

  • Intune - Microsoft's device management product family
    • Device configuration - define settings, behavior and customize devices
    • Data protection - Control access, interaction and deletion of company data on (un)managed devices
    • App management - Deploy apps and configure application related settings
  • Intune Suite - blog post
    • Core capabilities - Cross-platform endpoint management, security, analytics and Microsoft Configuration Manager + Intune
    • Tunnel for MAM - VPN solution for iOS and Android without device enrollment (through app)
    • Management of specialty devices - Manage special, purpose-built devices (AR/VR headsets, digital signange, meeting room devices)
    • Remote Help - Remote assisstance for helpdesk
    • Endpoint Privilege Management - Feature for elevation management in Windows
    • Advanced Endpoint Analytics - Collect and analyze data from endpoints, anomaly detection
  • MDM and MAM - Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management - blog post
  • Autopilot - Enterprise capability to setup Windows for organizational use
  • Graph API - Gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365 - blog post
  • Windows Update - Built-in service for Windows to download and install updates - blog post
    • Windows Update for Business deployment service** - Allows organizations to control and manage the Windows Update deloyments to their devices
  • Apps
    • Apple App Store
    • Google Play Store
    • Microsoft Store
  • Endpoint analytics - Analyze and improve the performance and health of the devices
  • Intune Data Warehouse - Access historical and current Intune data through the OData standard
  • Log Analytics - First-party log storage and query product - blog post
  • Microsoft Configuration Manager - Predecessor of Intune, server-based
    • Co-management - Enable clients which are managed through ConfigMgr to use workloads from Intune
  • Mobile Threat Defense connector - Integrate data from a Mobile Threat Defense vendor as data and intelligence source
  • Network Access Control partner - NAC integration which controlls access to corporate network or VPN

Azure AD (Entra) - Identity and access management

  • Azure AD - Microsoft's central identity provider - blog post
    • Conditional access - control access to organizational resources by evaluating signals - blog post

Defender - Security

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