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Get started with Graph API + Explorer and Powershell - how to import/export Intune profiles
Introduction The Microsoft Graph Microsoft Graph enables you to access all your data and intelligence in Microsoft 365, Windows, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Available under one single endpoint: you can call Microsoft Graph from your REST APIs or SDKs. Through Grap…
Azure Managed Identity - access to Graph API and Azure resources
Introduction Nowadays and with Azure, many resources interact with each other and therefore need some type of authentication. As credentials through passwords is no longer considered as safe, we need other secrets to provide authorized access. This is where Managed Identities come to play - they al…
Intune automation enlightenment - Azure Logic App + Graph API + Managed Identity
Introduction In this post we are going to delve into automation for Endpoint Management with Intune. The idea is to give you a powerful and secure tool that you can then use to develop solutions for any use case. Make sure to understand Graph API and Managed Identity in advance

Use cases

Intune event based automation with alert rules
Introduction In my last post I talked about Intune automation enlightenment with Azure Logic Apps. This time we will take a look on event based triggering to notify for alerting purposes or run Logic apps or other automation tools. Components Azure Log Analytics Workspace provides the ability to st…
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